Thursday, 20 October 2011


Hi and welcome to Silverthorne Acolyte,

So, we are a couple of students currently studying Philosophy in London. Photography is one of the many things we seemingly have in common and thought we'd share with you the evidence of our meanderings through this weird ass city.

Now, let us introduce ourselves.

Amy: Okay so, I'm Amy as you've probably noticed from the side there. I'm originally from the Northeast, near Newcastle but now both studying and living in London, which I must admit is possibly one of the greatest places I have been to. I enjoy travelling and wandering around to new places, mainly for the craic but also because travelling is like a recreational drug for me. I first became interested in photography a few years ago and my love for the art just seemed to flourish from there.

Chez: Hi, so I study philosophy too, but my first love is photography, I'm pretty creative but till I found the medium of cameras I couldn't express it, I can't draw, paint or sing so this is my only outlet. I'm pretty eclectic as a person and am an admirer of both photography and style blogs and hope to combine the two here, luckily London if full of interesting people to photograph. Enough talking, hope you like our pictures and feel free to comment away.

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